Monday, September 6, 2010

Paddled My Wife

I sent an email to my wife last night asking if I could paddle her with some "good swats" on her jeans then her panties and she agreed! I started with my hand and then moved to the paddle. I got some good swats in too. It felt nice to be able to give her a good spanking. She wasn't in the mood for anything else last night but she was happy to fulfill my desires and meet my needs. YEAH!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spankos At Your Workplace

Have you ever been at work wondering if there were any spankos around you? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to find them. Who knows, maybe we talk to several people each day and we don't even know they like to give or recieve spankings.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Spanking Lately

Nothing new has been going on lately. Both my wife and I have been busy doing other things with the kids, etc. I have given her a few good slaps here and there but that has been about it. We did go swimming today and she had on her swimsuit. I have mentioned to her a few times over the past few years that it would be fun to spank her in her swimsuit, but it hasn't happened yet. Her butt is very spankable wearing a swimsuit!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desire To Discipline - Forget Me Not

So two nights ago, my wife was on her computer and I asked her if she was in the mood to have sex. She said yes and that she would be to the bedroom in a few minutes. So I went upstairs and jumped into bed to wait for her. She did finally showed up.....45 minutes later. She told me she forgot. I knew she was distracted by what she was doing on the computer. I told her it was ok although I was actually a bit angry. Then last night she blamed me for losing a sheet of information that she misplaced and found. This is just one of those times in which I wish I could tell her to bend over and take what you deserve. I want to lay her over our liberator ramp and spank her with the wooden paddle, leather paddle, and my hands on her jeans, panties, and then bare. Wish she was into the discipline because I would definitely be giving it to her. Any one want to take it instead of my wife? Lol.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nice, Simple Hand Spankings

Nice and simple hand spankings are always good. I was in the mood just to lightly spank and play with my wife's butt the other day so I told her directly that I wanted to spank her. She didn't have much going on and so we went and had some spanking fun. She was wearing some of my favorite panties to see her in (hence, part of my desire of wanting to spank her). They are VS, large black and white striped with a hot pink border. I just spanked and rubbed her butt over her panties to my spanking desire. Who says a simple spanking can't be nice?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bit About My Wife

I first of all have to say that I love my wife. She has a nice round, plump butt just asking for it. So I have said that my wife does like to be spanked. I actually found this out just by telling her upfront about it. We met each other on an online personals site. We really hit it off because both of us were Christians. We started talking about some of the intimate details of our lives and I ask her if she had ever wanted to be spanked and she said she had thought about it but never really had it done to her. So after having a few dates, I brought up the topic again and asked if I could spank her. So I did and she liked it. After discussing it a bit more in-depth, she did however tell me she had no desire at all for me to spank her for discipline. And when I say at all, I mean it. So she does like being spanked....but only for fun as foreplay. I mean I have given her a pretty good fun stinging spanking before but have never just given her butt what it actually deserves. With that being said, most people reading this know that I have a desire to give real spankings. Therefore, in this blog I hope to discuss how I deal with these differences. I also plan to share some of our spanking conversations and actual spankings that I give her.

About Me

I grew up in a fairly conservative home. My spanking desires hit me pretty young. I was probably 11 or 12 years old. I wasn't sure what to think as when I saw a nice butt of a female, I wanted to spank it. I craved smooth round butts both in and out of clothes. Since that time I have come to find out that I enjoy spanking both for discipline and sexual types of spanking. I enjoy the sexual side just because of course it is inherently sexual and because of the control factor and as far as discipline spankings go, I like the control factor as well and I really want to help people do better with things they struggle with.

I really didn't dig much deeper into my spanking interest until I got into college. I began searching for other spankos on the internet. I finally got to experience a few of my spanking desires with another female. I found a 30 year old female who wanted both fun and discipline spankings. I spanked and paddled her several times bare and in different uniforms/outfits including her panties, soccer shorts, and a school girl skirt. For the discipline spankings, a few of them she came close to tears. I started with my hand and gradually used other implements. I spanked her til I felt it was discipline for what she had told me she had done. With me being a Christian, I did not want to have sex until marriage, so no sex was involved at any point in time.

When I got to St. Louis after college, before I met my wife, I found a woman who just wanted to be spanked for fun and I met with her 2-3 times. I spanked her with multiple implements and she loved every bit of it. Most of it was pretty soft/sensual, and we both enjoy our spanking time together. Once again, no sex was involved.

Then I met my wife, so I quit searching for a while, but then I started a bit again due to my desires still being with me. While being married, I have only spanked one other person besides my wife.

Favorite implements:
Leather paddle

Favorite clothes to spank over (besides spanking bare):
Soccer shorts
Nylon pants
Brief style panties

Laying over pillows
Laying over our Liberator ramp